Nonprofit social media tools

For nonprofits building their online presence, here is a list of nonprofit social media tools.

I learned something recently about a nonprofit my stepmother is involved in. While they realize a social media strategy is crucial to increasing their funding, they have no clue how they should go about creating or implementing it. They are unsure which platforms would be valuable and why, they don’t know how to use each platform strategically and efficiently, and they have few resources to put towards their social media presence.

In researching some ways to help them out (I come from the corporate world, so I’m learning the joys of creating a social strategy for nonprofits. There are so many resources out there!), I created this list of helpful tools for nonprofits that are just starting to use social media.’s Sharing Center:

The Sharing Center includes many tutorials for Facebook, Twitter, video, mobile and more. It also includes a social media glossary, although some of the words (NGO) are not specific to social media. At any rate, if you don’t know what a hashtag is, I suggest checking it out.

Beth’s Blog:

Beth Kanter, author of several books on nonprofits and social media and recognized by FastCompany as one of the most  influential women in technology in 2009, writes a blog covering a wide range of digital marketing topics for nonprofits. For a good example of some of the information she has to offer, check out this interview with Libby Leffler of  Facebook.

Social Media Examiner:

While Social Media Examiner is not focused solely on nonprofits, it is a valuable resource nonetheless. It posts comprehensive reviews any time a major social site changes or adds a feature, steps and tips for using specific sites and features, and reviews of the latest social media marketing research. Read up on the 10 ways nonprofits can benefit from social media.

And here are a few more resources straight from the social media sites:

Google+ for nonprofits

LinkedIn’s Learning Center for Nonprofits

Facebook’s nonprofits page


I’m also just starting the book, “Social Media for the Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits,” by Heather Mansfield. Check back in a few weeks for a review.

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